Outdoor Debris Recycling & Upcycling

Full Cycle Enterprises, LLC is a leading company for yard waste recycling in Southeast Wisconsin. Our partners come to us when they’re not sure what to do with their old materials before starting a new project, or when trees and foliage get uprooted in a summer storm. 

Our prime location in Oak Creek, WI allows us to provide a full spectrum of landscaping services associated with any of our products. Work with us to breathe new life into your landscape and tree debris.

What We Recycle

Landscape Debris

Our Oak Creek facility makes getting rid of lawn debris easy for landscapers in Southeastern Wisconsin. Save time by trading in all the natural landscaping materials from your previous project for the new materials you need for the next job.

Land Clearing

We love our Land-Clearing and Disaster Recovery customers! When disaster strikes, it can be a huge pain to find a place that will help you clean up after. Let us upcycle your fallen logs, branches, stumps & bushes into wood chips, mulch and/or nutrient rich bio-char.

Unpainted Wood & Drywall

Don’t toss your wood and drywall into a landfill when it can be turned into something new for another project. We upcycle unpainted wood, lumber, pallets, crates, and drywall material into nutrient-rich topsoil and Bio-Char™ blend products.


Not only are we known for our landscaping services, but we also specialize in trucking terminals. Our fleet of quad-axle dump trucks are available to haul your landscaping, drywall, wood and just about any natural material you need transported.


When you’re ready for new topsoil, or looking to re-landscape altogether, it can be hard to figure out what to do with the old stuff. We always accept clean, quality field-run topsoil. We’ll work with you from start to finish to make your landscape project simple, efficient and (most of all) beautiful.

Turnkey, EASY and Cost-Competitive.

Contact us at our Oak Creek, WI location to learn more about how we service Southeast Wisconsin.